Built-in Closet Sheving

I needed more storage in my home office. After many different ideas I ended up deciding to put shelving in this narrow section of the closet. I would have put larger shelves along the back of the closet but it has the only access to the attic through a hatch in the ceiling. I tossed around many ideas for a roll out design but finally end up with this. The back is just 1/4 inch maple plywood from Lowes and the the rest is 18 mm Baltic birch plywood. The top, shelves and the inside of the side panels a laminated with white matte Formica. All other surfaces have two coats of eggshell white paint.

Can you spot my mistakes? First mistake was forgetting that my 75 year old house is square, I measured the top but not the bottom of the closet. This was solved by brute force which scraped some paint off the molding. The next mistake was the base board that can be seen in the bottom of this picture, that was solved by removing the molding and cutting it. The third mistake was caused by cutting the dados to bury the shelf standards. I did a test cut on some scrap that turned out OK, but when I made the cuts on the side panels there was a lot of tear out in the Formica. I dealt with this by a few hours with an artists brush and the white paint that the guy at Ace Hardware matched to a sample of the Formica.